Who We Are

Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention

Led by students and supported by adults, ISTEP is a statewide movement made up of young people who want to step up and take action against tobacco. Not only is ISTEP the only statewide youth-led organization focused on ending tobacco in Iowa – it’s also a lot of fun! We make friends, make a difference and become leaders.

It’s plain and simple. Youth are the ones who bring about change, but are still the ones being targeted when it comes to tobacco. ISTEP won’t stand by while our friends, peers and family are targeted. We’re doing something about it. We’re getting involved for the overall good of our communities and state.

ISTEP educates other students, community leaders and loved ones by bringing light to the true unfiltered facts on the dangers of tobacco. We organize fun events like street marketing activities to get our community’s attention. We come up with tobacco control ideas on our own, then get support and final approval by our adult chapter advisors.


  • Change the social attitude toward all tobacco use
  • Raise awareness through education
  • Counter-market the tobacco industry’s efforts
  • Inspire and support cessation among tobacco users
  • Protect everyone from secondhand smoke