Program Structure


In all of Iowa’s 99 counties there are Community Partnerships (CPs). Many CPs work with the ISTEP chapter advisors, youth and communities across the state on tobacco use prevention and control efforts. CPs often serve as chapter advisors themselves. 

*Reach out to your local CP to see how you can partner together. To find your CP coordinator, check out the Community Partnership Interactive Map.

Involvement Opportunities could include:

  • Attending local coalition meetings
  • Participating in tobacco free park initiatives and tobacco litter clean up
  • Assisting with the development of a tobacco/nicotine free school policy for your school district
  • Attending statewide conferences and events with CPs, if available

Local Leadership - ISTEP Chapters

It’s pretty amazing when like-minded people come together for a good cause. And that’s exactly what happens in every ISTEP Chapter in our state. As an ISTEP Chapter member you can participate in local, statewide and even national activities, but your prime focus is your home community. Your efforts at the local level are the most important. Local chapters raise awareness to community members of the dangers of tobacco use and challenge Big Tobacco’s efforts through street marketing events and educational activities.

State Leadership - ISTEP Executive Council

If you’re looking for something to make you stand out as a leader, you’ve found it. After all, there’s really no better way to show that you’re a caring, smart, hardworking, ambitious student than by getting involved in ISTEP. It’s a great way to learn important leadership skills and get a head start on your amazing future.

The Executive Council is youth-led and adult supervised by IDPH staff. The council consists of students in Iowa, who serve as local and state leaders for the ISTEP program. Anyone in grades 7-12 can apply to be a member of the Executive Council or to serve as the ISTEP President. *Applications can be found at IowaSTEP.org > About Us > Apply/Open Positions.

State Leadership - Commission of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control

The Commission on Tobacco Use Prevention and Control develops policy and provides direction for the Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control with IDPH. The commission is made up of adults, three voting ISTEP youth and the non-voting ISTEP President.

The youth commission members provide a youth voice to the commission. Youth members learn more about tobacco control and ensure adult commission members also hear from youth in our state about what's important to them (you). It's a three-year commitment, but super worth it. Iowa youth in the grades 8-12 can apply to be a commission member.