First Meeting of the Year

An ISTEP chapter orientation meeting is extremely important to being a successful chapter and starting the year with clear expectations. Before you jump right in, there are few things to think about:

  • Establish goals for the year – how many street marketing events do you want to have? Will you participate in the statewide events planned by the Executive Council?
  • Determine chapter structure - Will you elect a President, Vice President and Secretary? Will you establish set rules to follow during meetings and attendance requirements? Who will take minutes and attendance?
  • Develop a plan of action – When will you hold meetings - every second Thursday of the month after school? When and where will you carry out your planned events for the year - home football game on October 24?

How much time does an ISTEP Chapter require?

ISTEP never has a dull moment and there is always something you can do. There are four major street marketing events planned by the ISTEP Executive Council each year which your chapter has the option to participate in or your chapter may choose to put on events unique to your community. It’s up to your chapter how often you would like to meet, but it’s recommended to meet once a month or every other month to stay up-to-date on upcoming activities, newest tobacco prevention ideas, chapter event planning, etc.

At the beginning of the school year, it’s recommended your chapter members decide how many activities they’d like to implement during the year. Commonly, there are three meetings per one event. For example:

  1. Planning Meeting – determine details of your event
  2. Implementation of Event – put on your event
  3. Follow-up Meeting – discuss how the event went, what you could do differently in the future, then determine the date of your next meeting to plan your next event