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Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 9:07am

Today marks the start of Through With Chew Week. This year’s theme is Spitify, which ties in with the Summit theme of Tune Out Tobacco – focusing on skipping songs and movies that glamorize tobacco use.  The object of the Spitify game statewide is to compete with other schools in the state and try to get the most involvement school wide. If you are handed a“Spitify” slip, you have now been recruited to join others in the school for a special event - please sign the back of the slip and note the date/time when you are invited to join others who have been spitified through the activity. 

Spitify Slips look like the image below. We've added ISTEP Summit information to ours, but you can add your next chapter meeting date: 

Make sure to submit your signatures for points in the competition. Click on the "Spitify Campaign" tab to submit entires. 

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