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Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 3:34pm

"Shoes" line the stairs at the Iowa Department of Public Health today, and if you attended the 2015 ISTEP Summit, yours may be among the collection. What's your story? During the month of September and throughout the year, we will share a few stories each week on social media. If you have a story to share, submit it here on our website. We also will accept mail entries of your artwork. We are hoping to collect 1300 stories from youth across the state as this project moves forward. #ISTEPinMYshoes

​How does the artwork apply? At the summit, we traced our shoes/footprint on bright colored paper, wrote our stories on the front of the paper and added our information to the back of the paper. If there are really creative people out there, maybe you can inspire us and take the challenge a bit further, we are happy to share your artwork on our social media be it drawing/painting, blog, video etc. Any form of art that you feel expresses your story with tobacco prevention the best. 

​Follow our #ISTEPinMYshoes campaign on our social media accounts and read more about the ISTEP In My Shoes initiative here

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