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Any amount of vaping and smoking can lead to addiction and cause serious health consequences for youth. Even if you don’t vape or smoke regularly, using tobacco every now and then puts your health and future at risk.

 “I only vape or smoke when I go out.”

“I only vape or smoke a little.”

“Sometimes I go days between vaping or smoking, so I’m not addicted.”

“I just bum vape puffs or cigarettes from friends now and then.”

Sound familiar? You may think your tobacco use is no big deal, but if you vape or smoke—even just a little or occasionally—you are putting your health at risk and increasing the chances that you will become a lifelong tobacco user. 

Light vaping or Smoking

Light vaping and smoking is using tobacco regularly, but not a lot at a time—maybe a few puffs/cigarettes a day. The term light doesn’t mean this type of smoking is any less harmful. Light smoking has similar health risks to heavier tobacco use, and can lead to addiction.

Intermittent vaping or Smoking

Intermittent vaping or smoking is infrequent tobacco use, one day here, another there, but not on a regular schedule. This type of vaping and smoking is not safe for your health. And, even if you don’t vape or smoke every day, you can become addicted and have a hard time quitting.

Social vaping or Smoking

Social vaping or smoking is using tobacco in social situations, like at parties or when hanging out with friends. Social vapers or smokers are still tobacco users and are exposing themselves to similar health risks. You might feel like social vaping or smoking is common, but the truth is 2 out of 3 high school students don’t use tobacco, according to the CDC. Learn more about how your social life can impact your decisions about using tobacco.

Bottom line: There is no safe amount of tobacco use. Quitting now is the best choice you can make for your health. Your future self will thank you!


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